Start injecting personality into your brand messaging. Make your marketing sing a little bit. There are so many run-of-the mill marketing messages. It’s all information and no spice. “Now Leasing” is like white rice without a hint of anything else. Certainly nutritious / informative. But basic. Friendly reminder: apartments are brands, too. Creative brand messaging is useful to help your community stand out and be different. So, grab some of our ideas to boost your marketing messages from boring to brilliant and you’ll find the best possible way to say “resort-style pool” instead of…that.

Let’s start with amenities.

Creative Brand Messaging for Apartment Amenities

When you craft your website, brochures, and online ads, you want to draw your prospective resident in with the way you solve their problem. What does this look like?

“Spacious Floorplans” vs.
“Your Netflix Account’s New BFF”

Introducing apartments so cozy, you might just cancel your plans and spend all day binge-watching. With a living room that’s practically begging for a popcorn bowl, it’s a staycation paradise where comfort and entertainment unite.

Why this works: Having enough space is a selling point. Connecting the dots for your prospect helps drive the point home.

“Walk-in Closets” vs.

“Where Wardrobes and Dreams Expand” 

Our closets are like Narnia portals – step in, and you’re in a world of endless possibilities. With enough space to host a wardrobe party (if that’s your thing), your clothing collection will live its best life here.

Why this works: It gives color and excitement to…a closet.

“Gourmet Kitchens” vs.

“A Kitchen to Make Gordon Ramsay Jealous” 

This isn’t just a kitchen; it’s a culinary playground. Whip up gourmet creations, sizzle like a master chef, and become the star of your own cooking show. Ol’ Gordy might just be begging for your secret recipe!

Why this works: Rather than finding a problem to solve (which is also helpful!), your apartments are a make-dreams-come-true opportunity.

“Comfortable Community Spaces” vs.

“Gravity-Defying Chill Zones”

Say goodbye to mundane sofas and hello to lounges that defy gravity—metaphorically, of course. Sink into cloud-like cushions that have been known to cause spontaneous naps. Warning: You might need a teleportation spell to leave.

Why this works: Making community spaces sound fun and comfortable could invite a little more action to the area.

“Endless Possibilities” vs.

“Art Gallery Meets Apartment – Your Canvas Awaits”

Your apartment isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s a canvas for your personal masterpiece. With walls crying out for your artistic touch, you’ll wake up to inspiration every day. Picasso who?

Why this works: They’ve heard “home” enough times at this point in their search. Hit ‘em with the one, two, paint!

“Patio or Balcony” vs.

“Sunrise Serenades and Moonlit Concerts” 

Your personal outdoor space is more than just a pretty face. It’s a stage for your private concerts—whether serenading the sun in the morning or composing under the moonlight. Your patio or balcony, your arena!

Why this works: Patios or balconies may come standard, but give your prospects a few daydreams, too!

“Quiet Living” vs.

“Zen Garden Morning Strolls – With Coffee in Hand” 

Skip the hustle, embrace the Zen. Imagine starting your day with a peaceful garden stroll, coffee in hand, and the world at bay. It’s not just an apartment; it’s a tranquil escape from the chaos.

Why this works: Your prospect doesn’t know what quiet living could look like. Paint the picture!

“Ample Amenities” vs.
“More Amenities Than Socks in Your Drawer”

Who needs 50 shades of socks when you have 50+ shades of amenities? From rooftop gardens to resident lounges worthy of a royal gathering, your apartment isn’t just a home; it’s a kingdom of indulgence.

Why this works: Humor catches us off guard, and it’s a great tool to connect emotionally. Use it.

“NOW LEASING” – You’re Always Leasing!

It’s important to let you know that you’re taking applications, putting folks on waitlists, or “now leasing.” Plus: Everyone is ALWAYS Now Leasing. They’re never not leasing, seems like. But let’s get creative with the brand messaging, shall we?

  • “Apartment Hunting Sucks. Our Tours Don’t.”
  • “Warning: Your Current Place Might Get Jealous. Come Compare!”
  • “Tour, Swoon, Lease: Your New Home Awaits!”
  • “Skip the FOMO: Book a Tour, Thank Me Later!”
  • “Tour Like You Mean It”


It’s good for your residents to know there’s a human behind the messaging, and that your brand has personality.

Messaging for your IRP

Fully researching your Ideal Resident Profile (IRP) and developing your brand voice will allow you to craft creative brand messaging that will reach them. 

Need an example?
Let’s say your IRP is a 28-year-old single female in a mid-level office job. She works from home two days a week, has a creative side hustle with plants, and her cat is her fur baby. She loves to go to spin class, and frequents a Thursday happy hour with friends—in walking distance from her apartment.

Given this information, you know you can write something that will grab her attention unlike any other apartment community:


Designing Spaces as Unique as Your Cat’s Personality!

“We’re all about crafting spaces as unique as you and your feline friend’s quirks. From vibrant designs to cozy corners for your fur baby, we’ll help curate a home that celebrates your personal journey.”

Or you could do something about the amenities, like in-unit laundry:


Pawsitively Convenient In-Unit Laundry
Between chasing deadlines and chasing your fitness goals, laundry can be a real boo-hiss situation. Having an in-unit laundry setup is like having a self-cleaning litter box for your laundry duties—convenient and fur-tastic!”

The bottom line here is: Take into account who you’re talking to. Get creative with your messaging. Don’t go off the rails—use the research on your IRP to fully inform your content. And then enjoy the connections that get made and the prospects that come in!