AI copywriting for apartments sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Ah, think of all the money we could save. And that’s where the savings end. Sure, you may save money on the copywriting, but what are you sacrificing? 

We dug in and tried out Chat GPT for you, testing out its AI copywriting for apartment branding. The verdict: It’s missing key pieces of the puzzle; particularly in spaces where you need to stand out from your competition and actually differentiate your apartment community’s brand from your competitors.

In Terms of AI Copywriting for Apartments, Here’s What ChatGPT Did OK


It responded with a grammatically correct listing of exactly what we asked. It didn’t forget to add any of the amenities we asked it to include. And…that’s mostly it. It’s cookie-cutter, but it gets the job done. If you want anyone to actually read the copy, try to avoid ChatGPT. It won’t win any branding awards with its lack of personality and brand voice. If you’re looking for filler, and you have a zero-dollar budget for your B-C and below communities, hit up ChatGPT.

This is Where ChatGPT Fell Short


Every option it came up with was super basic. Not in a cute way. There was no depth and there was no originality. It gave us vanilla, surface-level, boring apartment brand names—and there would be no way it could identify overlapping ideas to strengthen the rationale behind any name it suggested or offered. It spat out the naming concept “Prairieland” because the state the apartments are located in is known for its grassy fields. Good one. (Not.) Could be a good starting point if you’re completely missing inspiration and need to show up to a brainstorm later that day.

If you hire a non-robot copywriter at zipcode, we look for unique names (so you don’t have to go into any major trademark battles) that actually mean something to your company and to your ideal resident. Speaking of ideal residents…


IRP—also known as your customer avatar in the multifamily industry—this was an interesting concept for our little robot friend. The research felt limited and its generic and typical responses told us that this was not the way to create a resident profile that would be useful in any part of apartment marketing. The tip off? There was zero personality and very few details. Without those two pieces, you don’t get to dive into decision-making processes and pain points for your IRP (and create content that speaks to and solves those pain points). We will say: it managed to give relevant—albeit average—demographic info when we asked, so you could start there.

If you hire a non-robot copywriter at zipcode, we go whole hog on the IRP—indicating every detail that could help you better make a marketing decision. And: we can do more than one. Empty Nesters? Nailing it. Young Professionals? You got it. We’ll cover the deets, and then some, so you can feel confident in your next apartment marketing campaign.


This was the biggest gap in Chat GPT’s AI copywriting for apartments. We asked for a “western chic casual” brand voice. There wasn’t a hint of personality or brand voice or anything that remotely resembled a casual vibe or western wording. The only idiom it included was “And the cherry on top…” While widely used and understood, it’s not western in the least. Or chic. This doesn’t make us want to saddle up and ride into the sunset with this robot. You’d think this would be easy enough to deliver on with related words, access to thousands of synonyms on the world wide web, but it couldn’t quite get it right. It even took our prompt words “western chic casual” and dropped them in the response—as if we wouldn’t notice. For this, consider using ChatGPT to create a rough draft that you can later inject with your brand’s personality and voice at will on your own.

If you hire a non-robot copywriter at zipcode, we’ll nail the brand voice and tone every time. We like to dial it in—literally—to find where you land in the spectrum of several personality traits. This informs how we write every piece of content for you. Sophisticated or silly? Cutting edge or classic? If you’re like most of our brands, you’re always somewhere in the middle. This is a nuance that robots just can’t compute. Not yet, at least!

The Proof

Just to prove we’re not being salty, here’s the prompt we submitted and Chat CPT’s response when we tested its copywriting chops.


Write a summary in a western chic casual brand voice and one of dog friendly, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Fort Worth, TX that have amenities such as wood-look floors, quartz countertops, white shaker cabinets, a pool, fitness center, co-working space, and are within walking distance to the stockyards.



“For our western chic casual brand, we’ve got the perfect spot for you in Fort Worth, TX! Our 1 and 2 bedroom apartments are not only dog friendly, but they also come with top-of-the-line amenities like wood-look floors, quartz countertops, and white shaker cabinets. Plus, our complex features a pool and fitness center for all your exercise needs. And if you’re in need of a place to get some work done, we even have a co-working space available. And the cherry on top? These apartments are within walking distance to the historic stockyards. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to live the ultimate chic, western lifestyle.”


ChatGPT is honestly pretty cool and impressive. AI has come a long way. But human copywriting is, so far, superior. And copywriting for apartment brands at zipcode creative is our (totally biased) favorite. Definitely recommend.