Social media can create familiarity and comfort with your brand—your community, in this case. But only if you know how to use it the right way. While some may think social media divides and distracts us (which it certainly can) your business can employ the right tactics to make residents feel more comfortable to engage with your brand, both online and in-person, especially as it relates to your community’s staff.

When you use social media to create credibility, familiarity and access, it makes your brand one that sets your residents at ease.

Social Media Creates Familiarity


Putting a face to a name is a typical human desire. If your residents have just moved in, and they don’t know anyone, being the one staff person they recognize and can call by first name is a big win. Keeping your staff names handy on social media, through Meet the Staff or behind-the-scenes type posts will help your residents recognize the person behind the front desk or the person sending them emails about upcoming events.



For your staff, having residents familiar with them can help break the ice and allow comfortable exchanges when it comes to getting moved in, asking for help, or even scheduling service for their unit. When they know the repairperson by name (and even a little bit about them from your social media staff feature posts) they may be a little more at ease when this repair person is in their space, whether fixing the sink or installing a new thermostat.



Creating Meet the Staff posts, as we’ve mentioned, can help draw the connections between residents and community staff members. These connections help your residents feel like they’re truly at home, because they now know both their neighbors and the people around them. Additionally, you can work on creating connections through any behind-the-scenes posts you make, highlighting the staff who may not be as visible. For example, saying “This is John! You might not know his face, but you’ve probably been in contact with him at one point or another. He’s our in-house Resident Services Coordinator and makes sure that if you request a repair, he dispatches help as soon as possible. When John isn’t taking care of your requests here at Cascade Apartments, he spends his free time reading mystery novels and searching out the best cappuccino in town.” When you post personal details about your staff (with their permission, of course) this gives your residents the opportunity to learn more about the human side of your community. And when you create those [positive] connections, it gives your residents one more reason to keep their lease with you.

Social Media Creates Credibility


You likely know this, but it’s worth mentioning again: staying active on social media can do wonders for your community’s brand. You create an extension of your brand through high-quality photos, informative (and fun) posts, giveaways, and through drawing connections from residents to your staff. It helps your community’s brand look professional and reliable. (If you’re still not sure what kind of social graphics to use, we can help with that, too.) And typically, when a business looks professional, there’s a level of trust that occurs between the company and the client (or in your case–the community and the resident). When that trust is built, your resident, again, will be more at ease with your community—which feels more like home every day, thanks to you and your social media strategy.


Social media isn’t all peaches and cream. At times, a random internet troll or even a disgruntled former resident takes to social media to air out their dirty laundry and hangs your community’s brand out to dry with it. Is there any good news? Yes! Luckily, it’s rare, and those who know your brand well enough can see past this. Take heart, and know that there is a method to handle this sort of negativity. Read more in our blog regarding negative comments on social media and how to handle them.


As with anything good, it takes some time (and energy.) With social media, regular posting helps you reach your residents, because the more opportunities they have to engage with your brand, the more your content will reach them. The tricky thing about algorithms is that it’s always changing. Posting regularly with helpful content is the most basic and best method to create consistency and improve your reach.

Social Media Creates Access


Social media is about connections. And today, thanks to likes, follows, DMs, and so much more, connections are just one click away and easier than ever. Using this to your community brand’s advantage isn’t just about posting—it’s also about responding. When your residents reach out and comment on or like a post, or dm you a question, responding to them helps them feel even more connected to you because they get near-instant access to you, rather than calling and leaving a message, or emailing and waiting for a response. It’s important to keep your audience in mind, and knowing how comfortable they may be with social media (and which outlets they’re most likely to be on). Focus on one or two social apps and leave the rest be, to keep it easy on yourself.



When you’re looking at a place to live, there is a lot to take into account, from the community culture to details on guest parking and clubhouse hours. Back in the “olden” days, access to management of a company was limited. And it still can be, but you can break down some of those barriers. Create a Live Q&A with your CEO or resident manager about your community, and invite all the prospective residents you can. Adding a “human touch” (to what can feel like an impersonal process at times) can help your prospective ask any and all the questions they have so they can better understand your community from the top down starting with management, is on board to create a home for them.


To see more ideas about how to connect with your residents through regular content, check out our blog post on social media series.