At your apartment community, the interior design aesthetic is often one of the first things that prospective residents notice. Whether you have a minimal and modern style, or skew more towards the traditional, having a strong interior design point of view helps to create a memorable space that residents want to call home. 

But interiors aren’t the only design element you need to think through. If you’re creating new apartment branding for a new construction project or upgrading existing branding for a remodel, creating a consistent and cohesive aesthetic for your community should be a top priority. Instead of developing your branding in a vacuum, look to your interior design for the inspiration you’ve been lacking.

Whether you use the same mood board as your interior designer or simply pull elements from the space for ideas, here are a few easy ways to create apartment branding that is expertly influenced by your interior design. 

Aligning Color Palettes

One of the easiest ways to make your interiors and your apartment branding feel similar is to reference the same color palette. From sticking to similar cool tones to incorporating the same accent color, using this element to tie together your marketing materials and the physical space is a no-brainer. But don’t feel limited by the added elements of the interior like the furnishings or the paint color. Instead, you can also pull colors from architectural elements like brick, wood, or metal as a more subtle nod to the space. 

PRO TIP: More often than not interior design’s color palettes will be mostly neutral or subdued colors that work well for painted walls. Consider adding at least one vibrant ‘pop’ color to your palette for drawing attention to important information such as phone number, website URL or specials on signage and other marketing materials.

Incorporating Pattern & Texture

Just like interior design, incorporating different textural elements and various patterns is an important part of creating compelling graphic design. Using only solid colors can cause your apartment branding to fall a little flat. Try picking a single texture or pattern and use it in different sizes, colors, and scales to ground your branding and give everything a put-together feel. From marble or brick to geometric to organic patterns, you can choose almost anything to serve as the common thread between your interiors and your community’s brand identity. 

Including Design Elements

You don’t have to stop at similar colors and patterns. You can also draw inspiration from individual decor or architectural elements in the space itself to create a logo and apartment branding you love. If your space is filled with plants and greenery, for example, you can incorporate leaves or roots into your brand marks. If your space is filled with mid-century modern furnishings, use a retro font to mimic the vintage design. This allows you to blend together your physical space and your marketing presence for a more holistic way to think about your community. 

Working with Experts

Your community’s branding is one of the most important and most visible elements when you’re marketing the property. Instead of trying to DIY a solution, full branding packages are usually best left to the experts. Branding agencies like zipcode creative have worked with dozens of communities to develop branding that stands out in competitive markets. From simply refreshing your logo to work for your remodel to designing a completely new logo for new construction or rebrands, we’ll work with you to bring your vision to life.

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Example interior design mood board and brand style guidelines showcase the Halston brand by Birchstone Residential in partnership with 1413 Design Studio.