When you’re targeting a specific type of resident, it’s more important than ever to understand what they’re looking for. If your community is set-up specifically for active senior living, creating programs, amenities, and a culture that supports their needs should be your top priority.

But it’s not only about having the things they want readily available within your community—it’s also about how you market it. Strategically messaging all of the best aspects of your community is integral to attracting your target market. Use these tips and tricks to get the word out there about everything your community has to offer active seniors.

Senior Living Events

Social Events

For active senior living residents, community events are a major draw to multifamily living. Having easy access to social events like community dinners, movie showings, or game nights are a major draw to your community and represent a huge advantage over homeownership. While not a traditional amenity, a jam-packed social calendar is often what prospective residents are looking for when touring active senior communities. It also allows residents to easily make new friends, expanding their social circle and having a built-in community close-by in a way that isn’t always possible otherwise.

To attract the right residents, be sure to showcase your community programming in all of your marketing materials. From group fitness classes, to community clubs like garden and book clubs, to art classes and lecture series, the sky’s the limit to what you can offer your residents. Add a sheet to your brochure or welcome packet that outlines the extensive programs that you offer, so prospects know exactly what their social life might look like if they decide to move in.

Senior Living Amenities

Convenient On-Site Amenities 

Being just steps away from the gym, the pool, or the clubhouse is another major draw for active seniors looking for their new home. This unbeatable convenience means that they don’t have to worry about commuting to their favorite activities, or plan elaborate activities to get out of the house. Instead, it’s as simple as walking down the hallway or across the community to take part in their favorite pastimes. It also allows for more spur-of-the-moment social plans with friends and neighbors. Instead of painstakingly planning an outing or activity, all it takes is a quick phone call or text to meet up by the pool or for a spontaneous game of cards.

On leasing tours and in prospective resident collateral, use high-quality images of your top amenity spaces and outline all of the details. This shows off the best your community has to offer and allows prospects to get an instant understanding of the potential lifestyle they’ll lead in your community.

Maintenance-Free Living

Many prospects interested in active senior living are downsizing from single-family homes. While there are definite perks to being a homeowner, there are also a lot of downsides: lawn upkeep, snow removal, property taxes, and general maintenance, just to name a few. When they make the decision to move into a multifamily community, they get to say goodbye to all of the headaches and hassles associated with homeownership. 

Apartment living is much simpler in many ways. When something breaks, you can simply submit a maintenance ticket. You pay rent once a month, and don’t have to worry about hidden fees, taxes, or unexpected maintenance costs that pop up throughout the year—instead, it’s all taken care of for you. These perks are important to outline in detail in all of your assets, so that prospects understand the exhaustive list of benefits of apartment living. This not only helps them make an informed decision, but also helps you bump your community to the top of their wish list.


If you’re struggling to showcase the right aspects of your community, it might be time to enlist the help of the experts. At zipcode creative, we’ve worked with multifamily communities of all types—including active senior communities—to tailor their messaging and create compelling marketing materials. Get in touch with today to get started.