Instead of the overused t-shirts and pens, think outside the box to create swag people really want.

We all probably have a million branded t-shirts and pencils lying around. The reason? It’s an easy, affordable, and fast way to get company branding out there. But when it comes to creating apartment promo items for your community, there’s an amazing opportunity to think outside the box. Instead of just adding another coffee mug to your residents’ cabinets, why not give them something they want to use?

Swag isn’t just a nice-to-have for your residents. It’s also an amazing way to generate additional interest in what you have to offer. If your residents use the branded products throughout the neighboring areas, they’re publicizing your community in a free and subtle way, helping you amp up your word-of-mouth marketing and encouraging prospective residents to want to learn more. 

If you’re struggling to come up with compelling options for your move-in kit or to distribute at upcoming resident events, read on for some fresh ideas that will get your residents excited.


When it comes to apartment promo items, the best items are usually the most practical. Create a luxurious keychain that you can give to residents when they move in. That way, they have a stylish way to consolidate all of their new keys, and it’s also an amazing way for them to unintentionally spread the word about your community. Whether they’re running errands with their keys or lend them to a friend to house-sit, that keychain is a visible accessory that will get a lot of eyes. As a result, it’s an easy and low-effort way to spread brand awareness and drive interest in your community.

Instead of overused plastic fobs or basic plastic keychains, consider a high-end leather keychain that is both durable and stylish. You can emboss the keychain with your logo or community name, creating a timeless design that’s both durable and distinctive, making it something that your new residents will be excited to use.

Reusable Tote Bags

Tote bags are a practical and eco-friendly way to generate interest in your community. Add these practical products to your resident welcome kit to give them an easy way to transport groceries or run errands. Opt for a cloth or canvas design that is extra durable to ensure it can withstand a lot of wear and tear, so your residents can use it for years to come, so when they’re running around town, they’ll be inadvertently advertising your community in the process.

When designing your tote, just be sure to opt for a modern approach that will get residents excited. Use your logo and brand colors tastefully and minimally to make it a design that’s equally stylish and practical. Consider creating an embroidered option over a screen-printed alternative for a design that feels higher-end. 

Portable Speakers

If your community has a pool, nearby park, or sprawling outdoor area, a portable speaker is an amazing way to encourage residents to make use of the space. When the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful, picnics, outdoor dinners, or casual games of frisbee or pickup soccer are more enjoyable when they’re set to music! If your residents have a high-quality and personalized portable speaker handy, they’re likely to take advantage and use it every chance they get.

Just be sure to choose a design that’s durable enough to withstand frequent use, and add a decal for some subtle branding. You can even opt for a tonal, monochromatic look that blends in even more for a sophisticated approach to swag.

Water Bottles

There’s one thing that everyone can always use: a water bottle. This eco-friendly option is perfect if your community has a gym, making it an even more practical gift when residents move in. But the best part? They’re likely to use it beyond just your community, too. Whether they’re running on nearby trails, having a picnic in a nearby park, or simply want to stay hydrated when they’re out and about, a water bottle is an easy way to generate some buzz about your brand throughout the neighborhood and refer new residents. 

Customized Yeti or Swell water bottles are an amazing option that will keep water cold for hours, making it a design that your residents will turn to over and over. Though they’re on the more expensive side, LARQ water bottles are a premium alternative that guarantees clean drinking water for more tech-savvy and style-conscious residents. 


If you have a pool or a gym, personalized towels are a practical apartment promo item that your residents will love. Whether they drape it over their beach chair, use it to keep sweat at bay during a tough workout, or pack it in their bag for a beach day, it’s an item that they’ll turn to again and again.

When crafting your design, opt for something that’s not too over-the-top. Incorporate your brand colors and logos in subtle ways so residents will be more inclined to use the towels because they love the design. Consider a classic striped design with a subtle hint of embroidery for a more timeless look. 



If you live in a rainy climate, umbrellas are a no-brainer for your residents. In addition to handing them out at move-in, consider also keeping loaner umbrellas in the lobby that residents can borrow on their way out. This will help them promote your community on those dreary days while also keeping themselves dry for a win-win solution. 

Instead of the classic black umbrella with white branding, think outside the box. Create a bold graphic treatment to the umbrella for a more eye-catching alternative. You can also opt for a clear plastic bubble umbrella that delivers maximum protection from the elements and a blank slate for you to showcase your logo and brand colors. 

Pet Products

If you have a pet-friendly community, your options for swag are nearly endless. From portable dog bowls to poop bag holders for leashes, pet accessories are a practical and unexpected way to engage with your residents. That way, they can spread the word about your community among other local pet owners and keep their four-legged friend happy and healthy at the same time.


Whether you opt to create one of these customized products for your resident or want to create something else, zipcode creative can help! We’re experts at bringing multifamily community branding to life online and in the real world. Whatever swag you dream up, we can make it a reality.