Four phases of development directly inform how we handle our new construction lease-up branding and marketing. 

The logic behind this? It’s optimal to align your apartment community’s branding and marketing with construction—because that’s what drives timelines. For example, you can’t create stationery before you have the final address or phone numbers for your community. Think about it: you’ve created a brochure, but you don’t have images or even a leasing office to distribute them from! Go in the right order.

Let’s break it down into each phase, so that you can see how we’re able to keep our clients on track, and drive them to the finish line. 

If we can stay ahead of construction on the branding and marketing side, we can begin pre-leasing and be that much closer to occupancy goals right at first units delivered.

Phase 1 – Early Construction

12-18 months before the first phase of completion, or at groundbreaking.


The perfect name for your community should embody your values, style, and audience. Make sure you’ve got a good one picked out before you begin with Phase 1. You’ll want to get legal documents in order with the city and county as you set up your web domain and social handles, too. (Beyond that, how can we create a brand identity without a name to pull from?)


The voice, the visuals, we need to get it all dialed in. What do you look like and sound like? Once that’s nailed down (along with your brand’s taglines, headline library, logo design, color palette, typography and lifestyle stock imagery) we can get moving on your floor plans, your renderings, and a landing page that feels consistent with your brand. A consistent brand that extends to your landing page gives you a legitimacy that’s vital in the first phase of your lease-up. Also! Pair your identity with your interior: Architectural plans and mood boards motivate and inspire us. Aligning with where you’re headed helps us work together even better, narrowing our focus so we can go with exactly what you’re envisioning.

Phase 2 – Coming Soon

6-12 months before first phase of completion


This is the moment to make marketing start-up items. Think signage design, rack cards, and maps. We love to help create a property sitemap (we make it pretty—we’re well-known for our beautiful sitemaps!) or a point of interest map that shows nearby freeways, shopping, eateries and the like. 


Launching an interest list website is also helpful in order to start developing SEO for your location. During this time, we typically encourage our clients to put “Coming Soon” on their marketing pieces and direct prospects to a landing page with a contact form as the primary CTA.

Phase 3 – Pre-Leasing

3-6 months before first phase of completion


This is when the magic happens—units get reserved, leases get signed. We can help you transition your branded marketing message from “coming soon” to “pre-leasing” as you start up your unit reservations. When you have big goals, you need better branding. During this phase, we like to create business cards for your property manager, leasing agents, and your maintenance supervisor. You’ll also want to have handy a thank you card (with a pre-written message) and a move-in gift note card. When you’re this close to opening, you don’t want to be waiting on printed pieces at the moment your residents step foot in their new home. Plenty of other pieces help bring the “welcome” for any pre-lease signers.

Most of all—get your full website ready. Websites are a huge representation of your brand; get it launched in time for the next (and final)…

Phase 4 – Now Open

At time of first phase of completion


Finally, your first move-ins are permitted! And you get to unfurl the “Now Open” banners and signage—we got you covered on that front. We’ll make sure you’ve got building banners, yard signs, boulevard banners, and enough directional signage to make even the most directionally-challenged resident find their way with no problem.

When you hold your soft opening, have marketing collateral handy. When you have your grand opening, have swag and giveaways handy. When (or if you can) do unit delivery by phase after your clubhouse and community amenities are complete, you’ll still want to have everything ready. You won’t miss a thing, if you’re using our checklist.

A checklist?

A Lease-Up Marketing Checklist for Every Phase

Oh, yes. We provide our full branding package clients with a comprehensive project brief—a live google doc that shows the scope and timelines for a new construction, lease-up community. This added benefit includes a lease-up marketing checklist that covers everything you could want to do to set your community up for success. After being in the multifamily industry (on the property management side) for many years, we know what’s most vital and what’s optional when it comes to creating a successful lease-up strategy for your community’s brand.