Is print marketing still relevant, or is it completely dead? Depending on your target resident and the marketing goals you’ve put in place, it could be your best-kept secret. If your ideal resident is able to hold something in their hands, understand what you offer, AND be attracted to your multifamily dwelling with a print marketing piece you’ve created, congratulations–you’ve created better brand (and more consistent) brand recognition. You’ve successfully catered to your target resident, especially if they’re visual learners or have become tired of screens.

Be Seen

Remember when email was new-ish? And it was exciting to hear “You’ve Got Mail”? And now we’re all out here trying to zero our inbox and swim through the spam to find that one important email we missed. Digital fatigue is setting in and hitting hard. In our highly-technological and digital world, it’s time to focus on the physical, tangible things prospects and customers can hold on to. Take up literal space and start showing off your print marketing while you have their attention.

In a sea of digital ads, streaming television shows, 15-second reels, and even shorter attention spans, you want to be visible. Visibility doesn’t count for much when your company has a single instagram post that’s mindlessly scrolled by. Start thinking “old-school” and diversify your marketing efforts for print too. When you create print marketing pieces, whether it’s a direct-mail postcard, a brochure, or a full-on welcome packet, you’ve just guaranteed your prospective (or even current) resident’s full attention. They can’t read your print marketing piece and scroll their phone at the exact same time. They can’t look through your welcome packet and online shop at the exact same time. This is an all-eyes-on-you situation. Make the most of it!

Finally, you’re in your prospective resident’s hands and sights, whether from the mailbox or straight from the customer service desk. It can sit on their counter, be placed in their planner, they can send a picture of it to a friend, they can use it as a bookmark. All-in-all, it’s a physical reminder of what they still need to do. And it will nag (in the nicest way) at them until they make a decision one way or the other. You want your customer to say “Oh, yeah, I need to schedule a tour with them! I should do that right now before I forget. Again.”

Grab the Bull By the Horns

It’s time to get their attention. Make the print marketing piece beautiful. Ensure that it has everything that your branding requires for colors, fonts and logos so that it’s clearly your apartment community brand. Every piece of print marketing that you send out should be a perfect extension of your branding, every time. And if you’re able, spring for good paper (Soft Touch coating, anyone?) We’re living in a material world—make the most of it.

Once you have their attention with all that lovely branding, it’s time to create an offer they can’t refuse. It’s especially impactful if you require them to “bring this card with you” to get a free gift, rent concession, or any other offer you have in mind. This means they’ll have to hang onto the print marketing piece (be it postcard or brochure) until they follow through on your call to action.

Make It Clear

And now that you might have their attention, it’s time to take a look at what you need to make sure your print marketing says (and doesn’t say). This is a place to SAY NO to:

    • Typos
    • boring content
    • unclear copy
    • complicated offerings (or worse: too many words)

Keep it simple. Get good copy. If you can, have a professional create the copy for you (we do that!), so you know it’s a slam dunk. Be highly selective with anything you place on your print marketing to make sure it gets attention and keeps attention. And don’t forget to always always always include contact information and a call to action. No matter what. Put a “Call us!” or “Book a tour!” or “Lease Today!” Your ideal resident has the info they wanted, and now you get to tell them what to do next. Don’t waste that opportunity.

Pictures are Everything

If your words and offers haven’t captured them, time to pull out all the stops. (You really should be focusing on all of the above, regardless: branding, words, offers, and photos.) Use your professional photography to show off your best amenities. Pick your biggest attractions, and focus on those. You have limited space, and you want the biggest bang for your buck—whether that means showing off a sparkling pool or placing your open concept kitchens on full display. Above all, make sure that your choice of photos and words align with your ideal renter. And for any print marketing materials you’ll have in stock for a while (like brochures) avoid seasonal themes or limited-time offers. That’s exactly how to keep print alive.

Print marketing isn’t dead—at least not on our watch. Sending your ideal resident home with a document or packet helps answer questions. It reminds them of deadlines and fees. Most importantly: it helps encourage them to seal the deal. More questions answered, more leases signed. Ready to make your print marketing work for you? Get in touch

Areum business card design is ©Fairfield Residential  |  Work executed by Stacey Feeney, owner of zipcode creative, while under creative direction and employment at Fairfield Residential.