Tap into existing real estate trends to promote your community on this booming social platform, TikTok.

While marketing on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram has become the norm for multifamily communities, it’s important to not just do what you know works—but to explore new platforms to expand your audiences. 

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with 1 billion active users as of January 2022. Over 150 million videos are streamed per minute, making it a practical way for you to expand your content creation and make a name for yourself on a new platform. It’s also a strategic area of expansion for multifamily communities. With 40% of renters under the age of 35, targeting a young Millenials and Gen Z demographic is vital to leasing up faster and generating buzz about your apartments. Nearly half of TikTok users are between the age of 20-39, giving you a practical place to better connect with your target market. 

TikTok is already chock-full of real estate trends, so there’s an ongoing conversation that you can easily insert yourself into instead of starting from scratch. Try jumping into these existing categories to speak to a younger demographic and expand your audience on this new, popular platform.

Apartment Tours

Property tours have taken off in popularity on TikTok. Accounts like @aarongrushowhomes showcase luxury properties and give people an up-close-and-personal look at how the other half live. But it’s not a trend reserved exclusively for multi-million dollar properties. Use TikTok as an opportunity to show off your available apartments, creating a dynamic and exciting way to view a community that goes beyond looking at listing photos online. That way, you clean lease-up faster and reach an even larger audience for a win-win approach.

Show not only empty, available units, but consider giving a tour of your staged model units, too. That way, your audience will get the full experience of what it could be like to live in your community, understand all of the decor and layout possibilities, and better be able to envision themselves in the space. 


Inside Your Amenities 

When it comes to virtual tours on TikTok, don’t just stop at your apartment units. Instead, start giving the inside scoop on your amenity spaces, too. From your resort-style pool, sundeck, and grilling areas to the top-of-the-line gym, it’s your time to show off! Consider creating an entire amenity series, and show a different area of your property each week. Viewers will start to expect and look forward to your content, which can help generate buzz about your community. 


Tips & Tricks

On TikTok, it’s common for people to follow experts in their field to learn more about a certain subject or for advice or insights in certain areas. TikTok-famous veterinarians, fashion designers, and other subject matter experts have amassed huge followings thanks to their helpful insights and accessible tips and tricks. 

Use this trend to your advantage and start creating content that offers helpful hints for your residents and prospects. From what to look for when you’re apartment hunting to how to make a rental unit feel like your own, there are endless opportunities for you to educate renters and highlight your expertise in the multifamily space. You can even open up the comment section to your followers and have them share their tips, too, to create more of a two-way conversation that helps to develop your online community. 


A Day in the Life

Using your social media platforms to share more about your daily life is an easy and engaging way to connect with prospects and existing residents. Use your TikTok to showcase a “day in the life” content from your staff, like your property manager or maintenance technician. You could also crowdsource content from residents to recreate a realistic look of what it’s like to live in your community. Consider making it a weekly or monthly series so your followers get not just a one-time look, but an ongoing opportunity to learn more about the real daily happenings in your community.