Every marketing director knows: branding is important–it tells your ideal future resident what you’re like, what to expect, and how seriously to take you. Curated lifestyle stock photos can help you build your brand while painting a picture for prospective residents to help them imagine what it would be like living at your community. But we’re not just talking about any stock photo. Since there is a wide assortment of images available to be used, we’ll help you understand why picking the right one (or set of images) can make or break your apartment building’s brand. Let’s talk about using stock photos, and using them well.

Why should I use stock photos for my Apartment Building Marketing?

Stock photos are key in helping you save time, save money, and keep your marketing materials fresh. It’s well known that “photos are worth a thousand words.” Another fun fact about images from Brain Rules by John Medina for you:

Three days after hearing information, you have a 10% chance of remembering it. Add an image, and you’re 65% more likely to recall the same information.

Think of it this way, too: when reading a chapter book to a child at bedtime, they’ll likely want to see pictures (if there are any). They can imagine it more clearly, and understand more of the context. Adults aren’t all that different–if you can help them picture themselves in your apartment building or multifamily community through an apartment marketing brochure, that’s all the proof they may need.

Bad Stock Photos Are Worse Than Nothing

When is a stock photo a bad choice? Beyond the obvious pitfalls (“brings up more questions than it answers” or “doesn’t relate to the topic at all”), here’s what else to look out for:

1) When the stock photo is cheesy:

Ah, the bad stock photo. We’ve all seen it: the woman laughing uproariously while eating a salad or a group of blazer-wearing businessmen high-fiving each other in front of a backdrop. They’re absolutely posed and not believable in the least. This next generation of tech-savvy residents will notice it if you try to fake your way through. 

2) When the stock photo is overused:

Ever shown up to a party wearing the exact same thing as someone else? Embarrassing. The same thing can happen when you choose the same overused stock photo as another company. Gen Z (and a couple of other possible residents) will notice, roll their eyes, and move on to another apartment community.

The key? Look for photos that are natural-looking, candid. Ones that don’t look posed. Try to avoid stock photos with white backdrops, since that’s rarely a background to anything in real life.

Save Time with Curated Stock Photos

There are an estimated 350 million+ stock photos available online. In case you’re not great with math, that’s a ridiculous amount, even if you have something particular in mind. To have to sift through that number of stock photos will take more time than it’s worth. And, as we all know in the business world, time is money.

Another good thing about curated stock images is that they can help you stay on-brand and consistent. When you look at a set of curated images, they can have all the same filter, effect, or style. You’re already saving time by not taking the photos yourself (and getting better quality, too, we’d wager). Keep saving time and money by hiring zipcode creative to compile and curate stock photo sets for you to use that fit within your brand style guidelines.

Keep on Top Of Content with Stock Photos

Content is still king–and the need for continuous, updated content has skyrocketed, but your budget probably hasn’t kept up with the shift. Stock photo costs can add up, and hiring a photographer can be pricey as well. Keep things fresh with relevant, perfectly curated photos that help showcase your unique apartment community or multifamily building. With calendars and a bevy of on-brand stock photos, you can engage with current and future residents through posts on social media, and anywhere else you think needs to hit the Refresh button.

Stay on track with your brand style guidelines with plenty of images to choose from. zipcode creative can help you sift through the wide assortment of stock images to get exactly what your apartment community needs for your next marketing material refresh.