When staging model units and common areas for summer apartment tours, everyone loves a fresh and fun take on the usual. Bring a little fun to your spaces to show off your best side to your prospective residents with staging apartments for summer.

Why is summer staging important? Staging is a vital piece of your apartment marketing because it gives a good impression. It allows you to bring your theme through (colors, values, and more) and it can elicit word of mouth—your prospective residents may be impressed with all the details you pay attention to.

When you stage seasonally, it helps indicate that you’re interested in keeping things up to date, and you’re aware that even the smallest efforts make the biggest difference. In addition, prospective residents who may be taking a tour for a second time in a different time of the year can see a bit of variety; it helps them imagine themselves in the space throughout multiple seasons. When it comes to summer staging for apartment tours, you need to make a splash. Let’s dive in.

Staging with “Fun” in Mind

Summer is the season of fun. Vacation with friends and family. Time off of school and tanlines. Tap into that energy and line up your staging to be “summery” and fun. Put a sunhat on a hook. Put a pile of summer reads on the table. Most importantly, make sure your spaces and amenities are absolutely spotless. A clean apartment with fresh staging is a perfect way to help your future community residents imagine themselves in the space.

Don’t confuse style with clutter. Make sure each part of the community is organized and welcoming, especially the welcome and entry area. Consider having a wreath with artificial citrus on it, or have a patriotic wreath on the front door for summer time, since there’s a flag holiday a few times during the summer including Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

Staging with Summer Flavor

If summer memories bring you back to simpler times, like lemonade stands and popsicles, you’re definitely on to something. Bring in some citrus (try placing them in a jar!) and offer lemonade as a refreshment. Make sure your space smells fresh and clean, too, with a little citrus diffused in the air, or use citrus in your cleaning methods. To your resident, clean = ready to move in!

Fresh-cut flowers are inviting for any part of your prospective residents’ future home. Place them in a simple vase on the table, on the kitchen counter, or even on a tray on an ottoman or on the bed. Be sure to replace them before they wilt. Bonus points if you choose flowers that are lightly fragrant and eye-catching. (Roses are a favorite). Change the water out daily, and keep greenery out of the water to keep your blooms lasting a long time. If fresh flowers aren’t in the cards, place a few succulents in pots throughout the staged apartment so it feels like an actual living space (with living things).

Staging with Color and Contrast

Keep things neutral and clean and light throughout your apartment. This adds airyness and the feeling of space to your apartment. For contrast, choose a few spots that could benefit from an accent color. This could include a painting on a wall, a throw pillow or two, and a small vase or plate chargers on the dining room table. Pick one or two accent colors (preferably one that works with your branding) and give your future residents a sense of the cohesion between your marketing materials and this beautifully staged apartment, and make it all come together.

Staging for Summer Dinner Parties

Summertime is synonymous with outdoor dinner parties and al fresco happy hours. Let your prospective residents see the versatility of the space with several areas set up specifically for summer entertaining. This is the time for your outdoor spaces to shine. Make the most of the space with nice lighting, charming side tables, and comfy cushioned chairs. If the space is bigger, consider adding some large outdoor plants and a fully-set table with cute summery patterns and colors.

If your outdoor space isn’t a realistic option, focus instead on the inside. Show off big windows and lots of natural light. Set up the dining area or breakfast bar with plates, glasses, napkins and cutlery to help your prospective residents imagine a group of favorite friends chatting until late in the evening. Ensure the rest of the apartment is set up for a movie night, a wine night, or a fun brunch bar—whatever you think your resident’s demographic will most be interested in hosting.

Summer Staging for Your Audience

You’re the apartment marketing professional, and you know who your desired residents are. Consider their favorite hobbies. Their biggest dreams and wishes. Tailor your staging to speak to those residents. Are you an active adult (55+) community? Put a yoga mat and light weights in the corner. Do you have a lot of students coming in for tours? Put an emphasis on staging a desk area, so they know they’ll have a comfortable spot for all those hours of studying and writing in the fall when school picks back up. Will you have a lot of families signing a lease? Showcase a beautiful family dinner spot with plenty of plates all around.

Summer is the time of year where there’s a lot of movement in the apartment community—make sure that your prospective residents know how good their home can look with your fresh take on summer staging, suited just for them.