When staging model units and common areas for spring apartment tours, everyone loves a good comeback story—so dust off the doldrums of winter, and bring on the spring cleaning and spring flowers to bring out the spring in your step. Keep things bright and cheery and the feeling will bubble over to affect your prospective residents.

Springtime is an important time to sign up new residents after the winter lull. This is particularly true if you live in a college town, and residents are starting to leave after their semester and lease is over. To make this season a success, make sure your model unit will fit the bill for your spring tours.

Staging with “Clean” in Mind

Clean is In
Skip the clutter for your spring apartment staging. Keep it minimal, clean, and cheery, and most of all: make sure the apartment is spotless and sparkling. This will keep your possible residents focused on what they need to be: the amenities, the spaces, and the way their own things will look in the space. 

Welcome with Style
Don’t forget the entry. Keep it clean, organized, and welcoming. If you can find a very light, natural fragrance, that can help a place feel clean and homey, as well. A green laurel wreath or a welcome mat and even a sweet little potted plant next to the door can turn drab into fab (and a simple tour into a signed lease).

Staging with Spring Flowers

These Are For You
Spring brings lots of florals to mind. You don’t need to go overboard with this one, but you can definitely have some fresh cut (bright!) flowers in a vase in the kitchen or on a sparsely-set kitchen or dining table. Choose flowers that won’t be too fragrant when your residents walk in. We’d recommend staying away from Oriental or Stargazer Lilies, but looking instead to Daffodils if available. Be sure to cut the stems and replace the water regularly to keep them looking fresh. Wondering about other options? Check this list for flowers that could work for your staging and are low-allergen or hypoallergenic.

If you can’t get fresh cut flowers, place some low-maintenance potted plants (or succulents) throughout the space to signify new life and greenery. Yes, April showers bring May flowers, and spring staging brings the outside in. If you’re able to pot a small herb garden in the kitchen, that will be a nice touch for any amateur chefs who have developed a taste for fresh flavors.

Pro-tip: Improve resident retention with an inexpensive gift: Find a small potted plant, such as a mini succulent or cactus, and put a little tag on it: “Have a spike-tacular spring!” for your new or renewing residents.

Staging with Color and Contrast

Happy Accents
Staging for spring definitely calls for color. Keep most of your apartment simple and neutral, and figure out what bright, happy colors could work well in your apartment: mustard yellow? Light blue? Verdant green? If it works, find an accent color within your branding, and bring it into the model unit to help the prospective resident have a fully immersive experience with your apartment community.

I Sense a Theme
As far as contrast goes, spread your colors out throughout the apartment so that they pop where they need to (so, don’t just put in some colorful throw pillows)! Find a space in each room that you can carry the theme with color. It doesn’t have to be the same, but it should feel related. It will give a better sense of “home” to anyone touring the unit.

Staging for Spring Dinner Parties

Host With the Most
The (big) holidays are over, and now it may be the time that your residents want to start hosting regular dinner parties. Set the table with wine glasses, simple plates and nice placemats (in your favorite spring-y color) to show how easy it will be to host in this new space. Make sure the living area also has some guest-friendly amenities, like a cocktail ottoman outfitted with a tray to hold happy hour beverages or a big bowl of popcorn for movie night. It’s certainly fun to go out, but it’s also a ton of fun to stay in with friends for a board game.

Spring Staging for Your Audience

Show it Off
Only you know who your desired (and current) residents are or should be. Think about the apartment from their perspective and be sure to address any pain points you have with your current residents, and fix it up for the tour, or be prepared to address them head-on during the tour. If you have a lot of students that live in your apartment community, stage a small desk area. If you’re focused on senior living, show off the spaces they can work on their hobbies, like quilting, scrapbooking, or even bird watching from the windows or deck.

Spring is a season we can all enjoy to the fullest—especially if we have a wonderful place to live. Show off your units with spring staging that will convince your prospective residents that this is the place where they can finally bloom.