It’s time to bring your community into the digital age. Instead of tracking tasks on paper or using antiquated and outdated systems, the right project management tool can streamline your operations to save you time and minimize headaches. Organize your marketing strategies with Asana.

Asana is our favorite platform that helps you get more done in less time. We even work in Asana side-by-side with our clients, thanks to the way it simplifies communication and makes it easier to work together on the same tasks. That way, we’re always aligned on the status of projects and can ask questions, provide updates, and ensure our clients get their materials on time and within budget. Learn more about how you can leverage Asana to keep your community on track and help optimize for efficiency.


Streamline Project Management

Asana helps you track tasks, manage teams, and create consistent processes to help your community run more smoothly. From setting up your monthly marketing calendar to keeping track of work orders to tracking prospective resident leads, everything becomes simpler with this powerful platform. You can set different milestones and track your team’s progress, and assign different tasks to different team members to more easily delegate. That way, you can easily look at the big picture—and drill down to the details—all in one place.


Integrate with Your Other Tools

Asana doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It integrates with countless other software like Salesforce, Slack, Outlook, and Zoom, so you can have a more unified ecosystem. Instead of switching back and forth between dozens of different tools and platforms, you can even build processes and workflows across different applications to make it even more streamlined from start to finish. This helps you and your staff spend less time dealing with different software and spend more time on what really matters.


Automate Tasks & Reduce Errors

Instead of having to remember every little thing, Asana makes it simple to automate and schedule different tasks to simplify your daily to-do list. From onboarding new employees to work request forms, you can automate different processes and approvals for a one-stop-shop for everything. You can also create templates for different initiatives, like email marketing or social media, which makes building out your community’s marketing calendar a breeze for a month, a quarter, or even the entire year. Stop going back to the drawing board every time and give yourself a head start. 


Work from Anywhere

Asana has both a desktop and mobile application that syncs across all devices. That way, you have all of the best features of the platform right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Whether you’re offsite at an event, moving between multiple properties, or greeting residents at the front desk, you can always check in on your tasks and keep your team updated on your progress. Many of our clients have found Asana to be an ideal tool to organize your marketing teams, especially when the team is remote.


Beyond just the features and functionality of the tool, Asana also makes it easier to collaborate with different vendors. At zipcode, Asana makes it simple for us to streamline the process for our clients. We’re also flexible, and happy to work with clients via email or any other platform they prefer to make the partnership as smooth as possible. Our goal is for you to instantly feel like we’re part of your in-house team! Interested in kick-starting a project with our team in Asana? Reach out today to get started!